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What Is the Best Packaging for Pasta?

Almost everybody loves pasta—it is even called the sixth language of love. Pasta comes in plenty of varieties including pappardelle, orzo, capellini, ziti, macaroni, spaghetti, tortellini, penne, and ravioli. If someone does not like one, they will surely love the other. Before we identify what is the best packaging for pasta, we need to revisit […]

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Heat Sealing vs. Cold Sealing: What’s The Difference?

Heat Sealing vs. Cold Sealing—this is a tete-a-tete most people aren’t aware of. If you're a new manufacturer, the type of seal is often a crucial decision you might have pushed down the list in favor of product development and packaging design. While a seemingly small detail, the type of seal you choose determines the […]

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What Is the Best Packaging for Jerky?

Everyone loves a snack now and then—even the health-conscious snackers. Jerky snacks, which combine flavor and nutrition, are a popular option among millions of health-conscious consumers. As a business owner, you can take advantage of this food trend by creating a jerky product business action plan. Whether it's novel plant-based jerky or the classic meat […]

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When Should You Update Your Packaging: 5 Best Indicators

When should you update your packaging? As printers and print packaging consultants, we get asked this question a lot. As a working business whose goal is to sell products that customers will love, you most definitely should recognize and appreciate the significance of great packaging design. Your product's appearance determines whether it sells or sits […]

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Are Flexible Pouches Better Than Rigid Packaging?: 5 Reasons Why

Spouted pouch packaging is gaining traction in the United States, and for good cause. Jars, canisters, bottles, and other traditional, inflexible containers are too uninteresting and inefficient to compete with the creative design of contemporary spouted pouches. Are flexible pouches better than rigid packaging? Below are five reasons why liquid spouted pouches, squeeze pouches, stand-up […]

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What Are High Barrier Packaging Films?

What are high barrier films? Click to learn what they are and why they can be your indispensable, protective custom packaging solution for your products.

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Make Your Brand Environmentally Friendly—Use Less Plastic!

Making your brand more environmentally friendly may be advantageous to your long-term success and your financial bottom line, whether you operate a coffee shop or a cannabis business. What is the reasoning behind this? A considerable percentage of today's consumers want to support environmentally conscious companies. In fact, a study shows that 96 percent of […]

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10 Creative Ways to Save Money on Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

In a world where prices appear to be constantly rising, businesses worldwide are seeking new methods to reduce expenses. This article lists 10 creative ways that might help you save costs on stand up pouch packaging. It will provide you with helpful suggestions that, if applied, might save you a lot of money in the long run!

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How a Clear Window Pouch Can Boost Your Brand and Sales

Clear window pouches are a creative way of packaging your food product. Their front and rear surface is large enough to not only hold your product but also send a brand message which helps create an identity for your brand right there and then.

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