Your Best Flexible Packaging Choices for Liquid Products

If you make and sell products in liquid form, deciding on the best packaging for your product can be tricky.

Cartons, bottles, and pouches are just some of the various packaging options available. Every one of those methods helps in the preservation of freshness while also providing convenience to consumers.

Flexible packaging pouches, particularly for liquids, are now being recognized in the United States for their cost-effectiveness, shelf appeal, and convenience. Almost any liquid product that can be sold on a retail shelf can be packaged in a spouted stand-up pouch.

While there are some advantages to rigid packaging, shifting to the more dynamic and manageable custom pouch packaging is a step forward that delivers many benefits for both you as a business, and your customers.

Brands are transitioning from rigid containers to spouted pouches for a variety of items.

Spouted Pouch Applications

  • Laundry detergents
  • Gardening products
  • Motor oil
  • Wines and beers
  • Fruit juice
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Honey, sauces and syrups
  • Baby food
  • And more!

You've probably seen squeeze pouches for baby food, but honey in a pouch? Dishwashing liquid? Really?

Yes, and a flexible pouch solution improves consumer satisfaction while saving your company money. Their filling, handling, and dispensing choices are also quite diverse.

Let's break down all the benefits of flexible bag packaging so you can determine if this choice is indeed something that will work for your current business and production set up.

The list below also summarizes the different custom pouch accessories that you can add for specific applications.

Advantages of Liquid Pouches

Void for Filling

Unlike a jar or bottle, a stand-up pouch with a spout does not require filling through the same void that the end-user will use to dispense the liquid.

Pouches are usually filled fast and conveniently through a bigger opening on the top or side of the pouch where the two side panels have not yet been glued together. After that, heat seal the aperture, and you're done.

A built-in spout can remain firmly capped throughout the duration of the process.

Wide Pour Spouts

Even when you are packaging a product that doesn't function properly with a small nozzle, you don't need to worry. You can install a wide-mouth pour spout on your liquid pouch to mimic the pour of a more enormous container without the bulk or extra space after it's empty.

Built-in Straws

We've all heard about stand-up pouch juice for kids; they've been around for a long time. In the past, though, they've always required a supplementary straw to be affixed to the side. What if it gets misplaced while being taken in and out of the refrigerator or cooler?

Exposed straws are also more susceptible to contaminants and elements. You may now obtain a stand-up pouch with a straw fitted from the inside of the capped spout. Open it up, extend the straw, and take a sip, safe in the knowledge that nothing was wasted or compromised.


The custom pouch accessory development is a significant step forward. Your spout does not have to be at the top of the box. Consider the ease of using a stand-up bag with a spigot for liquid washing detergent and other products that are harsh to the skin. If you need to dispense your products in this manner, serve your drinks and other liquids in a pouch with a spigot.

Spray Triggers

To improve your custom pouch build, you can use a spray trigger instead of a regular spout for cleaning sprays, pesticides, air fresheners, or anything else that requires a general trajectory dispensation.

There are no more awkward angles for spraying with an almost empty bottle. Your customers will appreciate how the product maintains its convenience of use when the contents dwindle since the pouch shrinks to fit the leftover product.

Handles, Grommets, and Hang Holes

Bag handles are ideal for a bigger stand-up pouch with a spout — for example, for liquid soap or cleaning solutions — so that consumers can comfortably carry a pouch containing a significant amount of liquid.

It is as simple as extending the side panels up a little beyond the enclosed area and punching holes for the user's fingers. We can create a built-in hang tab using the same approach for simple stocking on racks rather than shelves.

Do you have a bulky product? To strengthen your packaging and avoid any damage in using the product in the pouch during its lifetime, consider placing grommets in the opening.

Get Easy-to-Use Stand-up Pouches With Spigots Your Customers Will Love

When we talk to customers, they say that the wow factor is one of the best parts about upgrading from rigid packaging to flexible spouted pouches. It's always in your best interest to choose packaging solutions that build your brand equity and fan base.

The edge-to-edge printed pouch instantly makes you stand out from the competition with its convenience, sustainability, and hassle-free handling. Gorgeous, photo-quality printing develops your best primary marketing tool—your custom packaging.

Your intelligent choices demonstrate your brand's creative attitude and dictate the future of your brand story. More than that, it also shows that you prioritize your customer's experience, showing you care about what matters most.

- Liquid Pouch FAQs -

What is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is defined as "any container or portion of a package whose form may be easily modified." Pouches, bags, shrink films, sleeves, tubes, and carded packaging are examples of flexible packaging.

What are the examples of flexible packaging materials?

Flexible packaging can be made of a variety of materials, including plastic, foil, paper, and film, to mention a few.

What makes flexible packaging flexible?

Flexible packaging is a product package constructed of flexible or easily yielding materials whose shape can be easily modified when closed or filled. Foil, film, paper, plastic, or any combination of these materials can be used to create such a design.

What are the benefits of flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging takes far less material and energy to create than rigid containers. Flexible packaging also creates less greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

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