Why Use Custom Tin-Tie Bags?

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Reclosing your packaging bags and product pouches have been made a breeze by introducing tin-ties. The tin-tie is an add-on feature mainly applied to side gusseted coffee packaging.

With this add-on pouch feature, you can close your tin-tie bag tightly after each usage, preventing your products from going stale due to exposure to external contaminants. 

Custom pouches with tin ties are mainly constructed of paper or plastic material laminated with an iron wire on one side to make them foldable. Gusset bags or quad seal bags benefit greatly from these nifty closures. Many of our customers add tin ties to window pouches to create a nice presentation, too.

Image of empty coffee bag with degassing valve and black plastic tin tie

You can add tin ties manually or by machine. However, it takes a long time and effort to install these adhesive-backed tin ties by hand, wasting a great deal of time and resources.

To apply the tin tie, you peel off the cover paper sheet and stick the glued side to the top of your packaging pouch. 

Why use custom tin-tie bags? What are the market applications of tin tie bags?

Tin ties are very versatile. These add ons are an ideal packaging choice for products such as:

  • Trail mix
  • Pet food
  • Snacks
  • Candy
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Body care products
  • Medical products
  • Dental products, and many more

Tin ties are useful for products that come in larger SKUs that will need to be accessed quite often. If you need a simple mechanism for reinforcing the closure of packages while making the package smaller as contents are used up, tin ties are the way to go.

What are the benefits of using tin ties in custom packaging?

For many consumers, being able to reseal bags easily to protect the products bought once they have been opened is a huge selling factor. 

Tin ties provide this convenience and a classic, professional aesthetic for each package presentation by allowing you to roll them down to a standard shape and size.

TIP: The application of an automatic machine guarantees that the position is standardized on each bag.

  • Choose from four colors: silver, gold, white, and black. Choose what complements your branding and predominant packaging colors.
  • For example, tin ties help the consumer to open the pouch on the spot to grind whole bean coffee and replace it with ground coffee in the same bag and then seal it with tin ties.
  • The bag's secure clasp makes it pretty easy to transfer it from one location to another.
  • These conceal the heat-sealed region for a lovely display on the shelf.
  • Consumers can re-close the bag after each use.
  • For professional presentation purposes, tin ties help you achieve a clean, uniform appearance by standardizing the top of your pouch.

Are You Ready to Talk Custom Pouch Options?

Simply select the bag size and the color you want for your tin-ties. We will apply the tin-ties in the usual positions unless you specify otherwise. 

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For example, you may want yours on the rear panel. You can also push the tin ties up near the top of the bag or place them lower.

To get started, kindly measure the length from the top edge of the pouch to the top edge of the tin tie when proposing custom placements. This will guarantee that the tin ties are placed correctly. If you need help, we’re just a click away.

- What Are The Benefits of Using Tin Ties on Packaging FAQs -

What is tin tie packaging?

Tin tie bags provide an easy and secure method of sealing. They enable the bags to be re-closed once they have been opened, which aids in the preservation of product freshness.

What is the hole in coffee bags for?

The little hole towards the top of the bag is a one-way valve that allows the coffee to expel excess gas while also preventing light, moisture, and air from entering. The valve is another add on that works well with tin ties.

What are the positive impacts to society of making and using paper bags?

They may be cared for and repurposed continuously. Recycling paper bags needs less energy than recycling plastic bags. Paper bags are also biodegradable, making them less harmful to the environment and animals.

What is the benefit of a paper bag?

Aside from the various advantages of using paper bags, one of the main reasons why it is so environmentally friendly is that it helps to save a significant amount of electricity. It is typically manufactured from locally accessible materials, which reduces shipping costs and aids in energy conservation.

We do have Kraft paper stocks, and these can come with a layer of protective laminate to help your paper bags last longer, keeping your products fresher, for a professional packaging solution for your products.

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