What is the Cost of Custom Printed Packaging Pouches?

The pricing of custom printed packaging bags and pouches varies greatly depending on your choice of bag material, shape, features, and size, as well as the printing process and lead time you require.

Let's look at all of the factors that influence the price of a custom printed packaging pouch.

"How much does it cost to produce custom printed pouches?" is one of the most common inquiries we get. Most people need to think about printing costs before committing to their custom pouch specifications.

Packaging is both an investment and an expenditure, but it is not your primary product. While custom printed pouches are necessary to start selling products, you don't want to spend a great deal of your working budget on them.

A variety of factors influence the cost of conducting business, some of which are out of your control, for example, the price of energy. Others, on the other hand, are in your hands. Packaging is one such factor.

You have a broad range of packaging alternatives based on the product(s) you offer, each with its own set of benefits, drawbacks, and costs.

Having extensive knowledge about packaging, we feel that a printed flexible pouch is the ideal packaging for most products. Of course, the best is generally the most costly.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Custom Printed Packaging Pouches


Even as numerous film layers build these bags, some flexible packaging types, such as a flat bottom flexible boxed pouch, use up to 12% less material than standard packaging bags.

Perhaps even more striking and less pricey is that flexible packaging is actually protective packaging, necessitating no extra inner liner, outer carton, bag, box, or other containers. This saves money by avoiding the costs of producing and storing extra packaging materials.

Apart from the inherent cost of different materials, quantity breaks also result in lower costs. Send us an email to get an accurate estimate, and we'll recommend specific quantities that help lower unit pricing even more.

Energy Costs

Most people do not realize it, but this is the area with the most disguised packaging expenses, resulting in the highest potential savings. Printed flexible packaging saves money since it weighs less (it's constructed with fewer materials, remember?) and uses less fuel per unit to manufacture and distribute.

Furthermore, because no material other than that necessary to make the bag is wasted, no energy is used to manufacture or deliver the bag.

Production and Process

Most custom flexible packaging bags are made by laminating numerous layers of scientifically prepared film together. Each layer exists to fulfill a specific purpose, such as sturdiness, puncture resistance, or moisture control, not to mention the most vital layer, the printable layer.

Compared to rigid containers such as glass and plastic jars, the amount of time and energy required to make varying thicknesses of packaging film is staggering.

Different printing methods require various materials to accomplish each print project. Certain print processes can cost more initially, such as in the case of Rotogravure, where print cylinders need to be purchased and engraved before printing.

Ordering Made Easy

We understand how tough it is to wait, especially when you're waiting for a quote for that beautiful custom printed packaging pouch you've been dreaming about.

Here at Pouch Me, our primary goal is to make the ordering process as simple and as uncomplicated as possible. This process begins when you request a quote for your custom printed pouches.

Never in the entire process do we want you to feel that you aren't fully informed or in control of all your critical decisions. We prepared this resource to help you understand our pricing matrices and what value you get out of each print project transaction.

We know what it takes to create custom printed packaging competently, as we have years of professional experience. Do you need to order stand-up pouches? We can most certainly deliver. Gorgeous clear bags in custom sizes? Easy peasy.

Whether you require 500 or 5000 pieces, we can help you get what you want and need. We exclusively use the best quality materials and printing methods, and our minimum order numbers are among the lowest in the business. When you combine that with solid customer service support personnel, you get a winning combination.

Requesting a Quote for Your Custom Pouches

One of the most valuable aspects of our website is the possibility to acquire a quick estimate for our packaging products online. You may input the bag design you want for your goods, the extra features you want, and the quantity you'll need on our instant online quote page.

All you need to do is either contact us directly or send your specifications via our custom quote form. After we receive your details, we review all the possible print options, materials, and pouch build to send you the best print package based on what you need. You will receive your cost estimate via email, and this will often also include other print set ups and options for your consideration. Everything we send will include a cost breakdown, as well as important notes for your review.

"What kind of product are you packaging?" will be our first question for you. Are you looking for a way to personalize your bags? Coffee bags? What about cannabis pouches? Bags for pet food products? We can make a bag for anything that fits in a pouch or bag.

You need to choose the pouch style so we can send you a custom quote. Flat bottom bags, flat pillow pouches, gusseted bags, and stand up pouches are all available. All of these bags are fantastic and provide a variety of perks. Are you unsure about the differences between the various types of bags? Please take a quick overview of all our bag styles and formats and decide on what you need based on all the essential considerations.

After that, you'll select your material type. We have a variety of alternatives depending on the aesthetic you want to create. Consult for free if you still can't decide where to start.

Now that you've selected your bag design, dimensions, and material, you'll be able to select your additional features. Zippers, hang holes, degassing valves, handles, and tear notches are available depending on the bag design. We also offer child-proof zippers and liquid spouts.

Now that we have a breakdown of the variables that drive cost, we can answer the most frequently asked questions regarding our production process. These get back to more "fixed" information, so rounding off with these will set up the answer to the central question of this article dutifully.

- Pouch Costing FAQs -

Do you offer distributor pricing?

Our prices are competitive, and we guarantee that we will beat any competitor's price by 5%. We can also offer eligible distributors extra pricing discounts.

What shipping options do you offer?

We provide free delivery US-wide for all custom pouch orders, with FedEx as our main courier to get your packages to you. We can also apply expedited shipping on a case-to-case basis.

We sometimes use ocean freight when shipping higher pouch quantities or with big bulk orders. Send us a message if you need more information.

Are shipping costs included in my custom bag price?

Pouch Me custom quotes contain the final fees you can process before printing and shipping. There are no hidden fees. Shipping US-wide is always free on all custom pouch orders.

Are there any hidden costs or additional costs?

Unless you choose to utilize our print design and Prepress team to flesh out your design from scratch, there are no additional expenses or fees. However, because the overall plate count may fluctuate, plate charges cannot be fully calculated until the final artwork is submitted.

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