Benefits of Spouts and Caps in Stand-Up Packaging

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One of the most appealing aspects of stand-up packaging is that it is not limited to housing cereals, spices, coffee, or other dry products. Stand-up pouches can also perform very well as packaging for liquid products. 

A simple pouch without any attachments makes it easy for you to store and display a wide range of wet products in a number of different scenarios. However, because packaged liquids need to be poured out of the bag, the package must have a spout for it to be truly user-friendly. 

Stand Up Pouch with tear off tab, resealable zipper, plastic cap, and bottom gusset

Chr Hansen, a global ingredients company, once posted an article about how much resources they put into developing a cap system for their rapidly expanding probiotic beverage line. Whereas this may not specifically include a spouted stand-up pouch, it does highlight what so many businesses overlook when looking for ways to package wet products of any kind.

When it comes to packaging your liquid products, spout and cap are to a stand-up pouch what an engine is to a vehicle. They are relied upon for filling and discharging, but most significantly, for providing the convenience that consumers need.

How are Spouted Pouches Made?

Spouted pouches are stand-up pouches that have a pour spout attached at the top. They are made from several layers of barrier film bonded together to give the spouted stand-up pouch the thickness and sturdiness it needs to stand up on a retail shelf.

This film combination also provides the barrier qualities that keep the contents within fresher for longer. When it comes to packing liquids, however, there is no room for mistake; any flaw in the pouch's design, seals, or even film strength might result in liquid leakage.

A spill from a single bag within a case of products might create the impression that the entire case has leaks, resulting in the case and occasionally the entire order being rejected.

Benefits of Spouts and Caps in Stand-Up Packaging

When you use professionally-crafted and tested spouted packaging for your liquid products, we avoid that earlier scenario.

When leakage happens with spouted stand-up pouches, the issue can definitely be the film and seals, and more often than not, someone is trying to save a few cents by utilizing a cheap spout and cap combo.

The truth is that pennies build up to large bucks in lost income, refunds, and, eventually, a product's inability to flourish on the store shelf. A spout and cap pairing for a liquid stand-up pouch should never be underestimated.

Applications of Spouted Pouches

Storing and transporting liquids, pastes, and gels in a spouted pouch is both cost-effective and efficient. Both co-packers and consumers love this innovation since it has the shelf life of a can and the convenience of an easy-to-open pouch.

There are a ton of applications for this nifty add-on. To give you ideas, products that can be packaged using spouted pouches include:

  • Single-serve energy drinks and sports nutrition products
  • Spices, sauces, and soups
  • Baby food
  • Fine and powdered foods
  • Drinking juice, milk, and yogurt
  • Health and beauty products
  • Cleaning products
  • Horticultural products
  • Home care products
  • Institutional food packaging

Spouted pouches may be modified to work with most FDA applications and retort applications. Industrial applications abound, resulting in cost reductions in shipping and pre-fill storage.

Common Spouted Pouch Types

As you might expect, there are basic types and more sophisticated styles for drops and pours, as well as tamper-proof and easy pour, among other things. The screw cap spout is a typical and adaptable style of spouts; however, other spout designs can be utilized as well.

Solo shot of custom spouted pouch

Let's take a look at the two common types of spouted pouches below:

1. Centerspout 

You can find this spout style at the top center of a stand-up pouch. We usually make these kinds of spouts for single-serve custom pouches, which is also why they are small in size.

2. Corner Spout 

This is an excellent position for 8oz – 16 oz pouches since it takes advantage of the pouch's upright posture and allows the consumer to have more control when handling the product.

Spout bags are highly requested for a variety of goods, including drinks (mainly center spout), fruit pulp (primarily center spout), personal care products (largely corner spout), and cleaning chemicals (mostly corner spout) (mostly corner spout).

We generally supply stand-up pouches / doypacks with a spout due to their large volume. If you're after flat pouches or bottom-folding pouches, we can also manufacture spouts for these kinds of formats.

What are the Benefits of Spouts and Caps in Stand-Up Packaging?

Due to its ease of use for the consumer and shipping and storage benefits for manufacturers, the spouted pouch has taken the industry by storm. Many businesses use spouted flexible packaging for various products, including shampoos and conditioners and juice, soup, and broths.

first image of spouts and caps in different sizes
second image of spouts and caps in different sizes

A liquid spout bag takes up far less space than cumbersome metal cans, and they're also lighter, which means they're less expensive to transport. 

You can also fit more of them into the same size shipping box because the packaging material is flexible.

Let's outline what the top benefits are of using spouted stand-up pouches for your custom product packaging:

1. Available in various shapes and sizes

Spout pouches come in various conventional shapes and sizes, so there's something for everyone. We can also create custom forms to match your brand image and improve the shelf appeal of your items.

2. User-friendly

Unlike most glass and plastic containers, spouted stand-up pouches give consumers more control. Furthermore, the spouted nozzle securely seals in the contents to prevent premature expiration.

Compared to rigid packaging materials, these multifunctional pouches use more efficient production processes, saving space and resources.

3. Easy pouring

The spout pouch is available with various fitments that range in size and construction, from conventional tamper-proof screw closures to big anti-choke caps.

Don't know where to add your spout? For optimal functionality, position your spout in the middle or corner of the bag.

4. Food-grade construction material

All of our spout pouches are made in a BRC-accredited processing plant using the best quality materials.

Are You Ready to Talk Custom Pouch Options?

Thanks to high-quality construction and printing technology, our spouted pouches are well-equipped to properly secure and carry both wet and dry substances without any mess.

Pouch Me's spouted pouch packaging solutions are ideal for on-the-go users who want a unique packaging design that meets their hectic lifestyle.

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Depending on your exact packaging requirements, size, color, and design may vary. In either case, our packaging consultants can help you stand out from the crowd with visually appealing design and layout options. Our staff can help you design a strategy that works effectively for your brand, whether it's resting on a shelf or hanging from a hook.

Get in contact with us right away if you're ready to discuss your custom packaging options. These services are free; we love helping troubleshoot any packaging design challenges. We can offer you more product details and specs to assist you in making the best selection for your business.

- What Are The Benefits of Spouted Pouches FAQs -

What are spouted pouches good for?

Spouted pouches can be used for a variety of products, including foods and drinks. Adding spouts to a premade pouch has several advantages, ranging from food safety to convenience.

What are the main advantages of using spouted pouches?

  • Distinguishes your product on the shelf
  • Added convenience for today's on-the-go shopper
  • Space efficient
  • Allowance for evacuation
  • When compared to rigid packaging, it takes significantly less energy to manufacture.

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