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Benefits of Spouts and Caps in Stand-Up Packaging

One of the most appealing aspects of stand-up packaging is that it is not limited to housing cereals, spices, coffee, or other dry products. Stand-up pouches can also perform very well as packaging for liquid products.

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Why Use Custom Tin-Tie Bags?

Tin-tie bags are convenient to use and offer a cost-effective packaging solution for many of the stuff we buy and enjoy on a daily basis. Paper tin-tie bags are mostly intended as a low-cost way of transporting a certain product from the point-of-purchase to the end user.

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What You Should Know About Flexible Barrier Packaging

It is no surprise that flexible packaging is one of the packaging industry's fastest expanding categories. This solution provides unrivaled performance by combining the greatest attributes of foil, paper, film, and plastic to suit specific applications while using minimal materials. Whether you want to reduce your carbon impact, get creative with branding, increase product shelf life, or achieve other profitability and efficiency goals, flexible packaging is worth considering.

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Expensive Errors to Avoid When Designing Custom Printed Pouches

Keeping costs down is as important as getting the best quality for your packaging. In this post, we share with you what to steer clear of when embarking on your custom pouch packaging print project, so you get the best ROI from your budget.

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What are the Different Types of Custom Packaging?

If you are new to the world of product packaging, here is a guide to help you pick the best packaging match for your product.

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Your Best Flexible Packaging Choices for Liquid Products

If you make and sell products in liquid form, deciding on the best packaging for your product can be tricky. Cartons, bottles, and pouches are just some of the various packaging options available. Every one of those methods helps in the preservation of freshness while also providing convenience to consumers. Flexible packaging pouches, particularly for […]

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What is the Cost of Custom Printed Packaging Pouches?

We know keeping within budget is important. Let's take a look at the different factors that affect how each custom printed pouch project costs.

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Why Is Packaging Thickness Important?

Here's a quick read where you can learn how film thickness is measured, how to convert gauge to mil and micron, and other packaging thickness concepts to apply to your own custom pouch project.

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How Much Packaging Inventory Do I Need For My Start Up Business?

Many specific methods exist for determining how much to start with. Here's how to avoid overstocking (and just hoping for the best). Save your budget and learn how to correctly estimate your packaging inventory needs.

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