What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit?

Perishable products such as nuts and dried fruits often have a shortened shelf life due to various external factors that cause flavor, texture, smell, and color changes until they are no longer acceptable. In this article, you will learn how making the best choice of packaging can prevent premature degradation and extend your product's shelf life.

Nuts, dried fruit, and other snack products are vulnerable to light, moisture, and oxygen. What is the best packaging for nuts and dried fruit that will protect from these factors? However, some are more sensitive than others and require careful attention when choosing packaging materials.

Nuts are some of the most vulnerable products in the snacking industry, and thus they require different packaging material than cookies and chips.

As a nut, snack, or dried fruit manufacturer, you undoubtedly already know that barriers are indispensable and significant when preserving nuts. Since fats become rancid when exposed to oxygen, any product with high-fat content is more prone to deterioration.

Because of their high-fat content, coated, seasoned, or roasted nuts are especially vulnerable. If nuts are packaged or kept incorrectly, their smell, texture, and flavor may all alter in an unpleasant way.

On the other hand, dried fruits and nut-and-fruit mixes require different barrier considerations since the moisture level in dried fruit needs to remain intact. Therefore, for dried fruits to stay fresh, they require a barrier that keeps moisture out.

What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit

You can be able to achieve this by using water vapor barrier packaging. High-barrier packaging, designed specifically for each product, can help ensure consistency in flavor and quality.

This is even more difficult in the case of nuts and dried fruit since, while having very distinct packaging requirements, these two products are sometimes packaged in a single container.

What is Barrier Packaging?

When it comes to preserving the freshness of your dried fruits or nuts, one aspect of the package is crucial; the barrier. Just as the word "barrier" indicates, this packaging creates a physical barrier against contaminants such as grease and moisture.

In other words, barrier packaging is the material that separates your product from external elements, allowing it to maintain its quality and flavor for more extended periods.

In conventional packaging, packaging techs used plastics to create these barriers. However, modern packaging manufacturers have invented sustainable alternatives to protect your products more effectively.

What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit: How to Select Barrier Packaging

The health and fitness industry is thriving right now, and the consumption of nuts and dried fruits are on the rise. People have begun to place a greater emphasis on nutritional components. Due to their well-documented health advantage, many have begun to include dried fruits and nuts in their daily diets. 

Nuts and dried fruits are excellent meal additions and on-the-go snacking options. With this in mind, you should prioritize the aesthetic aspect. For an authentic feel, packaging design should include natural-looking, beautiful, and realistic visuals. Make sure to align your product packaging design according to the value of your brand offerings.

Helpful Notes For Packaging Selection

Many factors influence packaging performance, including the original food quality, production conditions, package size, design, aesthetics, distribution mode, and packaging disposal. 

Before selecting the packaging material for your nuts or dried fruit, you should consider the type of product and how susceptible it is to moisture, oxygen, and light damage.

For instance, roasted and coated nuts can quickly go stale if exposed to air since they are high in fat and go through heat treatment. For this reason, roasted nuts need a higher barrier than raw nuts.

When selecting packaging materials for your business, you want it to be elegant and eye-catching and preserve and protect your product.

Also, consider the expected rate of sales and the desired shelf life. If the turnover rate is high, you can use a slightly lower barrier.

What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit: Construction

The most prevalent barrier material on the market is PET-MET. It is a metalized material with a strong barrier making it an ideal choice for all kinds of nuts.

PET-MET gained popularity due to its barrier performance. However, there are now fresher, more environmentally friendly alternatives. We can now also create a clear high-barrier bag for your product with the same functionality. 

Understandably, not every product is a match for clear packaging. In clear packaging, foods with a high oil content or powdered and salty coatings may seem less "clean" to the shopper. For such foods, opaque or semi-opaque metal-free barrier PE or PP packaging can be an excellent alternative to those who want to move on from PET-MET.

Benefits of Nuts and Dried Fruits Barrier Packaging

Perishable products such as nuts and dried fruits often have a shortened shelf life due to various external factors that cause flavor, texture, smell, and color changes until they are no longer acceptable.

The primary tool for preventing product degradation and extending shelf life is your choice of protective packaging.

Your packaging needs to protect your products from biological, chemical, and physical deterioration. It also works as a physical barrier against moisture, oxygen, volatile chemical substances, and harmful microorganisms.

Because it acts as a barrier between the food and the outside world, your custom packaging must be regarded as an essential component of the preservation system. It is generally a multipurpose object that serves several purposes.

What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit: Formats

The custom printed nut and dried fruit packaging bags from Pouch Me are one of the most convenient and affordable packaging alternatives for wholesome, bite-sized munchies. With our flexible and sturdy packaging pouches and food bags, you'll be able to stand out among the healthy snack crowd effortlessly.

These professional bags can be made to sit on shelves with ease. This is a simple method to make your packaged goods look commercial and attractive while still being functional. If you wish, we can incorporate a clear window in your dry fruit and nut bags, allowing you to display your product easily.

What About Filling And Sealing Your Food Pouches?

Selecting the suitable material is critical, but filling, sealing, and shipping are vital variables in achieving the perfect packaging for your snack product.

After selecting unsuitable packaging material, damaging oxygen can still get into your packaging. Still, it can also occur due to filling machine settings that aren't optimized or heavy handling during shipping, in-store, and when handling after purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your package material can have a relatively high barrier, but you won't achieve the desired results if it is not sealed correctly.

What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit: Insights and Expertise

Protecting your products while they wait in stores is a high priority. Our dried fruit and nut packaging bags are a fantastic solution you can count on.

All custom pouches and bags are created with an extra protective layer to protect your product and keep it fresher for longer. Our custom packaging pouches can also feature a reclosable zipper, which is crucial for anybody who enjoys nibbling on nuts and dried fruit regularly.

Using high-quality dried fruit and nut packing bags to keep your items fresh and appealing can help to boost your brand's image. Choosing to leverage more than our decade of expertise will help you create the best version of your custom packaging ready for market.

What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit: Leverage Free Consultations

Getting stunning branded packaging leads to an increase in sales and other positive outcomes for your brand. Once your customers purchase one of your perfectly preserved, nutritious snacks, they will be compelled to return for more.

The best packaging is always the result of careful planning, smart revisions, and sharp refinement. If you need help determining the best type of flexible packaging for your snacks, reach out to us today and our packaging experts will consult for free.

- What is The Best Packaging For Nuts and Dried Fruit FAQs -

Airtight packaging bags are the best choice for nut and dry fruit packaging.

When it comes to picking packaging materials for your product, you want it to not only look unique and professional but also work to preserve and protect your perishable products.

+ How do you package walnuts?

For long-term cold storage, walnuts should be packaged in airtight containers to keep them fresh.

+ How do you package dried fruit?

Put the cooled, dried fruit in glass or plastic containers, seal them and let them remain there for 7 to 10 days. The drier portions will absorb the extra moisture in some sections.

To check the moisture content and separate the pieces, shake the jars regularly.

+ How do you store nuts for long-term storage?

Nuts have an affinity with odors and tend to absorb the smells of other products around them.

You should keep nuts away from strong-smelling foods such as onions. Well-packaged nuts can last for up to 6 months in a refrigerator or up to a year in a freezer.

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