What Are High Barrier Packaging Films?

What are high barrier films? Click to learn what they are and why they can be your indispensable, protective custom packaging solution for your products.

As the eCommerce industry is experiencing a strong shift, there has been an increased demand for high-barrier packaging films. Innovation studies developed these films to protect products from the external environment and extend the products' shelf life.

What Are High Barrier Packaging Films?

They are typically made from aluminum, plastic, or metal and can be used to package various items, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more.

diagram showing layers that build a high barrier pouch
Sample of high barrier layers composition used in protective custom pouch packaging

High barrier packaging films are a major staple in the packaging industry due to their reliable ability to protect products from breakage and contamination.

We use different types of high-barrier packaging films for different applications.

How Do We Use High Barrier Packaging Films?

High barrier films are materials used in preventing light, gas, odors, flavors, water vapor, and water from permeating.

Fused and melded into Pouch Me's packaging products, we use these films to preserve items, especially foods and beverages, by preventing the growth of microorganisms and inhibiting the transmission of chemicals between containers.

If these elements move into or out of the packaging, it can have a negative effect on the product's composition.

Films with high barrier properties are utilized in a variety of flexible packaging applications, including:

  • Pouches
  • Web formation and lidding
  • Blister packaging
  • Market bags and secondary packaging

Why Are Barrier Packaging Films Gaining Popularity?

Over the past few years, high barrier packaging films have become increasingly popular in several industries. These films are indispensable—they are tear-resistant, flexible, transparent, and tamper-proof. 

Customers now expect to be able to order products online and receive them anywhere in the world. This demand has led to an increased need for high barrier packaging films, which can protect products from damage during transport and keep them fresh for more extended periods.

Benefits of High Barrier Films For Your Product Packaging

The primary function of packaging films is to protect the product from damage or contamination during transport and storage.

In order to achieve this, manufacturers are increasingly turning to high barrier packaging films that can provide an effective shield against factors such as moisture, oxygen, UV radiation, and other environmental hazards.

Such films are also able to preserve the freshness and flavor of food products for a longer time.

In addition, digital printing on these films has offered great personalization to products. This feature allows businesses like yours to showcase their unique branding and appeal to customers.

While all films have some degree of permeability, high barrier films have numerous benefits over the usual single-layered films.

Some of the advantages of high barrier films include:

  • Continual substrate developments have resulted in the films being stronger and heat tolerant
  • Increased machining speeds
  • They support convenience features such as resealable zippers

What Are The Types Of High Barrier Films?

According to research conducted by Smithers, there is a growing need for packaging materials that better preserve the contents within. This is due to concerns about the tendency of plastics to enable the exchange of gasses that might damage the quality and safety of packaged goods.

Nowadays, high barrier packaging films are an essential part of product protection. It can extend the shelf life and maintain the quality of the product.

Oxygen Barrier Films

To enjoy an extended shelf life, some products should have packaging that possesses limited to zero oxygen transmission rates.

Oxygen barrier packaging incorporates a specific material layer to keep oxygen out of the pouch, preserving your product's color, taste, or scent.

If you're looking for professional, reliable, and unique protective packaging, we can assist you in selecting the optimum oxygen barrier packaging structure for your unique purposes. Enjoy a diverse range of materials at your disposal.

Moisture Barrier Films

If you need to protect your products against excessive vapor and moisture, our moisture barrier packaging materials will do the job.

Protective layers and materials such as film foil laminations, polyvinylidene chloride, and high-density polyethylene can be custom designed into high-barrier packing pouches to prevent undesired moisture qualities from entering the pouch or bag.

High-Barrier Films for Food Packaging

Inconsistent or unexpectedly shortened shelf life is one of the most prevalent issues food consumables face.

By producing a securely sealed barrier system, high-barrier packaging aids in the preservation of tastes and smells. The barrier coating effectively prevents oxygen and water vapor from coming into touch with delicate foods.

Any air or moisture that enters the pouch can significantly impact products like coffee grounds, snacks, and certain dry ingredient food products.

High-Barrier Films for Non-Food Products

Non-food products such as home chemicals and nutraceutical supplements can also benefit from high-barrier packaging. Our specialized materials are tested and verified throughout the high-barrier lamination process to provide optimal protection.

Preserve Your Products With Professional, Cost-Effective High Barrier Film Packaging  

Pouch Me's professional team of flexible packaging specialists, Prepress designers, Production consultants, and print veterans work hard to understand the specifics of each brand, company, and product that comes through the door.

Our high-barrier packaging technologies provide the latest flexible film technology to satisfy the particular lamination needs of both food and non-food items.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about high-barrier film and how we can custom-engineer the elements you need to preserve and protect your products.

-What Are High Barrier Packaging Films: FAQs-

What is high barrier packaging?

By producing a securely sealed barrier system, high-barrier packaging aids in the preservation of rich tastes and smells. The barrier coating effectively prevents oxygen and water vapor from coming into touch with vulnerable products.

What is barrier packaging film?

Barrier films are impenetrable packaging solutions that are often made up of one or more layers of flexible film, the material of which varies depending on the purpose. To achieve the required outcomes, barrier films are coated on both sides with various lacquers/resins.

What are barrier properties?

The capacity of packaging to resist the absorption of light, moisture, and oxygen is referred to as barrier properties. These characteristics are the result of the aggregate of the various films employed in the manufacture of packaging.

Is plastic an oxygen barrier?

PET is a robust plastic with good oxygen barrier, endurance, and heat resistance on its own. This combination of materials produces a strong UV and moisture barrier when laminated onto specific polymers such as PP or CPP. PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) is a common coating for various polymers (like PET).

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