How a Clear Window Pouch Can Boost Your Brand and Sales

Clear window pouches are a creative way of packaging your food product. Their front and rear surface is large enough to not only hold your product but also send a brand message which helps create an identity for your brand right there and then.

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Window bags are an innovative method of packing your products, which is especially true when packaging food. A window pouch's large front and back surface area provide the opportunity not only to package foods but also to convey a marketing message and to create a name for yourself.

You may use this pouch configuration to convey your product's story: 'What makes your brand unique?' 'Which qualities do you have that your competitors do not?' and other fascinating pieces of information, both big and small. Using a printed pouch with a window might just be the way to help you achieve this successfully.

Communication experts believe that human beings do not just communicate through words. Facial expressions and gestures are equally important. According to the "Nonverbal communication" page from Wikipedia, a focused individual employs all five senses to receive a message.

Of the five senses, sight plays the most crucial role. While the role of hearing is just 11%, the role of sight takes 83%. The information our brain gets in colloquial language is primarily through our eyes. You can capitalize on this data by using clear windows on your packaging.

Take advantage of this opportunity and embed this spectacular feature on the front of your pouch to tug at your customers' different senses all at once!

What is a clear window?

A clear window in packaging is the part of the custom packaging pouch that is transparent. This clear window allows shoppers to view what is inside the bag without having to open it.

This packaging method has a double advantage; it allows consumers to examine a product in advance of their purchase and allow users to track their usage.

Using a clear window bag to display your products promotes your brand and allows your customers to get a sneak peek of the product they are purchasing. This creates confidence and devotion to you and your brand.

What are the benefits of clear window packaging?

There is something about clear windows that screams honesty and transparency. When a shopper can get a peek of your fresh coffee, granola, tea, and other products, they are more likely to purchase it in the end.

A clear window sends a clear message to the consumers that they can be sure of the quality of your products. They will trust their eyes and feel inclined to follow through and buy.

Once shoppers have purchased your product, they can track their product usage simply by looking through the clear window. When people can keep track of how much of the product they have used, and before everything has been consumed, they will return to buy more. This alone is a genius marketing strategy for your brand's development.

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Clear windows are solid and durable. You can try this packaging feature for nut or granola packaging that looks amazing. A clear window provides your brand with some powerful and good vibes, and the great branding on the front of the panel reinforces it.

Clear windows can support clean labeling

In 2016, the "clean label" trend went into full swing. While there is no official definition for this, clean labeling advocates marketing products that have no added artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, and certain ingredients.

If you are doing clean labeling, clear windows can help support this endeavor by helping you create more transparency via showing the actual contents of your packaging pouch.

Of course, eliminating preservatives means more strict guidelines and SOPs to maintain quality and food safety. We recommend trying a sample to see if your pouch specifications will keep the shelf life you are keen on keeping.

This brings us to the next point that some of our customers ask when faced with the option of adding windows to their custom pouches...

Won't clear windows spoil my products?

Some products are more prone to expiring sooner when exposed to light. Maintaining the optimal shelf-life will, of course, depend on your marketing strategy and all the known variables of your product's life span.

For most dried produce, adding transparent windows on custom pouch packaging is a great option that doesn't shorten the lifespan of the contents.

However, you will want to thoroughly test products like cannabis and other more volatile actives like cosmetic formulations with retinol or vitamin C before you print a whole batch of packaging. We typically don't recommend windows for medical or phytopharmaceutical products. This ensures there aren't any issues with loss of potency or degradation of any pharmacological activity.

TIP: Choose the stock that best suits what you are after. Your choice of packaging material will play a huge part in preserving the contents of your pouch. For example, using metalized film will guarantee more protection than kraft paper.

We advise you to contact us if you are interested in learning more about how to make transparent window pouches to convey your brand story. We'll help set up your print file and details on printing windows, free of charge, to boost your brand sales and engagement.

- How to Use a Clear Window Pouch for Product Packaging  FAQs -

What is a clear window in packaging?

A clear window is a part of the front bag panel that is transparent. This is the see-through part that helps prospective customers see the actual product being sold without having to open the package.

What use is a clear window in stand-up packaging?

A clear window has two primary uses. It allows consumers to examine a product before purchasing it and track consumption after purchase.

Why use clear packaging?

With the clear window, customers can better evaluate the freshness of food products to decide whether they are of excellent quality.

Clear packaging, when properly manufactured, will not pose any problems with a food product's freshness and durability. This contributes to reducing waste and calls for higher environmental liability for customers.

What is the advantage of clear window packaging?

Consumers can see the product's shape, size, color, and other features through the transparent window packaging.

While some packaging might gloss over the more nuanced characteristics of the product, transparent packaging allows the buyer to see all the intricacies.

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