Expensive Errors to Avoid When Designing Custom Printed Pouches

Keeping costs down is as important as getting the best quality for your packaging. In this post, we share with you what to steer clear of when embarking on your custom pouch packaging print project, so you get the best ROI from your budget.

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Keeping costs down is as important as getting the best quality for your packaging. In this post, we share with you what to steer clear of when embarking on your custom pouch packaging print project, so you get the best ROI from your budget.

Has your packaging become outdated? Do you intend to upgrade to custom packaging that's more in tune with your current market? Congratulations on taking a big step and, more importantly, striving to do everything to get that extra push to propel your brand.

Custom packaging is an excellent and cost-effective approach to raise brand recognition, achieve competitiveness, and bring in new customers. Your external packaging presentation also acts as a mobile billboard for your business.

Make the Most Out of Your Custom Packaging Budget

While custom printed pouches are essential and indispensable investments for your business, customized packaging can get pricey and even harm your brand if the execution isn't perfect.

To help you prevent this, we've created a list of 10 typical errors to avoid when creating custom printed packaging.

Avoid These Pitfalls

1. Typing and Graphic Errors

A typo or a graphical text fault casts a negative light on your products and brand as a whole.

Comparison shot of two stand-up pouches; correctly printed label versus with typographical errors.

It physically demonstrates that your business is negligent, and this may cause buyers to think that your products are also riddled with defects. 

Therefore, you should never overlook any mistakes in your printed bag designs. They may be expensive to fix in terms of time, effort, and budget, but this diligence is well worth the investment.

2. Reproducing Outdated Print Designs

Modern-day customers want the most up-to-date designs in all areas, including product packaging. This certainly includes aesthetic and functional aspects that help them use your products more efficiently and feel proud carrying your products around.

Solo shot of gusseted kraft bag with outdated design

Don't make the mistake of selecting packaging designs that aren't based on the current needs and wants of your audience. Many customers will probably not like it. As you consider upgrading your packaging design, aim to stay ahead of your competition and establish yourself as an industry leader.

We also recommend investing in seasonal packaging rather than mass-producing a single design if you regularly execute major holiday promotions. Consider experimenting with fresh packaging and printing ideas if feedback from your customers and team call for it.

3. Disregarding Your Customer Needs

Many businesses make the error of producing printed pouches that suit their own creative preferences rather than those of their consumers. We've seen this and have also taken good care of new packaging versions that generate more positive responses.

Bored customer care representative talking to a disgruntled customer

Consumers are the recipients of your personalized packaging, and therefore, you must investigate their packaging demands, expectations, and tastes before anything else. Strategize and create printed packaging that caters to your customers.

4. Going for Ultra Complicated Pouch Designs

When it comes to creating your custom packaging, less is more. 

Solo shot of complicated pouch designs

Sometimes, trying to aggrandize your packaging design actually complicates it and may even result in a branding fail. Unless it is consistent with your brand, avoid using too much new jargon or fancy sayings.

A basic, straightforward, and simple-to-understand design will be easy to absorb and certainly gives a better recall. A confused lead, as the saying goes, never buys.

5. Lacking Differentiation (And Identity!)

Any product packaging should first and foremost work to attract the attention and capture the fancy of a potential customer.

Solo shot of stand-up pouch with boring designs

Your packaging should then also set your brand apart from competitors and other businesses in your industry. As such, your custom pouches should not resemble those of your competitors - even if you are striving to outperform them.

Therefore, design your final packaging in a way that distinguishes your brand from competitors. Create visual cues that express your unique brand personality and creatively communicate your brand benefits and values.

6. Using The Wrong Packaging Material

We always say that an excellent custom packaging pouch should be eye-catching, practical, and functional.

Dissatisfied woman opening her parcel

If you use the wrong packaging material, your finished packaging will not function properly or function at its best. Surprisingly, while particular materials are inexpensive, they may not be suited for packing specific products.

Make sure you choose the proper packaging material to make your printed designs look more professional, all the while fulfilling customer requirements and decreasing waste.

7. Not Checking Legibility and Final Dimensions

Avoid using illegible lettering in the name of flashy graphics or "novel" fonts. Your brand name, logo, slogan, and other details should be visible, clear, and, most importantly, legible.

Woman squinting her eyes in an attempt to see ineligible packaging design clearly

Also, avoid designing a custom pouch that is either too big or too small for your products. Using the correct size bag guarantees the protection of your products, reduces material wastage, and lowers expenses.

Recheck your custom packaging dimensions to ensure that your printed pouch is the correct size.

8. Choosing the Best Balance Between Sustainable and Protective 

Compared to standard packaging, flexible pouches are more resilient. Choosing rigid containers like glass or tin means you also need to ensure that your shipping process is extra secure since this type of packaging is more likely to see dents and breakages.

Solo shot of stand-up kraft coffee pouch with pouch me logo plus reduce, reuse, recycle sign on right hand corner

Pouches make it possible for you to expect fewer handling issues, fewer market returns, and complaints due to less than optimal packaging (and suggestions that the contents aren’t in the best shape either).

Switch to eco-friendly flexible packaging materials rather than bulky and rigid packaging that takes up more space in the landfill. Make sure to outline all your requirements to guarantee the best match and results.

9. Failing to Test Before Committing to the Final Press Run

In the same way that you should test drive a vehicle before finally purchasing it, you should test your packaging before mass production. 

Workers panicking over printed stand-up pouch that did not pass quality control

It would be best to try samples out for functionality, durability, and strength. This way, you can confirm that your bespoke custom packaging fits properly and does what it needs to do according to the packaging goals you've set.

10. Not Ordering Enough Inventory

Once you have finished creating your packaging pouch designs and finalized all the specifications, it is now time to place an order. The first step is to determine how many pieces you need to order. While this is mainly determined by your budget and storage capacity, ordering in bulk will allow you to take advantage of discounts and avoid running out of stock. Check out our separate guide on how to get an idea of how much inventory you need to start.

Graphic illustration of customer frustrated arguing with employee over out of stock products

Learn From the Mistakes of Others and Consult Professionals

Designing custom printed packaging is rewarding, but this exciting endeavor is also prone to error. You might make mistakes in the size, material, and artwork, which could jeopardize your branding and, by default, your business.

Make sure you don't make these blunders while designing custom printed pouches by following our advice. Give us a holler and consult with one of our packaging specialists if you have any second guesses about your custom packaging. Our staff collaborates with you to assure your choices are empowered by knowing the right things and being 100% sure about what you want.

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