10 Creative Ways to Save Money on Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

In a world where prices appear to be constantly rising, businesses worldwide are seeking new methods to reduce expenses. This article lists 10 creative ways that might help you save costs on stand up pouch packaging. It will provide you with helpful suggestions that, if applied, might save you a lot of money in the long run!

title slide - 10 creative ways to save money on stand up pouch packaging

In a world where prices appear to be constantly rising, businesses worldwide are seeking new methods to reduce expenses. This article lists 10 creative ways that might help you save costs on stand up pouch packaging. It will provide you with helpful suggestions that, if applied, might save you a lot of money in the long run!

It takes a lot to get a business running efficiently and effectively. Passion, perseverance, devotion, and, of course, finances are all required. The apparent expenditures are substantial and pile up quickly, from labor and housing to quality checks and marketing. If you are not careful enough, you may become overwhelmed.

When it comes to cutting costs, consider various options available to you. One thing to think about is lowering the cost of stand-up pouch packaging.

So, here are a few simple methods to cut costs on stand-up pouch packaging.

Printing in Single Color

Using a variety of colors is a good idea. Full-color prints definitely have commercial appeal. Printed colors enhance the pull of your packaging, creating more interest, allowing higher chances for more sales.

Experience and research tell us that attractive packaging activates the reward-seeking regions of the brain, which are connected to impulse purchases. It is worth noting, though, that when you have a multi-color design, you will spend extra money. In some cases, custom pouches will need more ink, and sometimes we will need to combine several colors. 

kraft pouch with single color prints of Pouch Me logo

The good news is that if you choose the proper color and approach this from a strategic standpoint, even one-color designs can look fantastic. Spend some time learning about the colors used in your business so you can figure out which ones attract the most consumers within your target.

Staying Compliant to Government Regulations and Standards

Staying in compliance with state rules on any form of packaging is critical to prevent costly fines that may even bankrupt your company.

For example, if you're selling marijuana, certain states will demand that your stand-up pouches be opaque and child-resistant. In others, cannabis products must have a specific safety statement.

Failure to satisfy state standards will be expensive to your business in the long term. You cannot trifle with government standards if you want to enjoy longevity.

Printing Fewer Bags

Printing extra bags is usually more cost-effective, but what good is having more if you don't need them all?

If you're a startup and aren't sure how much product you'll sell, printing the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the ideal option. You'll spend less money at first and be able to restock as required.

Our minimum order quantities are low, and we can arrange nice price breaks once we know your details.

Choosing the Right Material

When it comes to stand-up packaging, the material you choose might be the difference between paying more and cutting costs. As a result, it's essential to be precise about the material you wish to use, as some are more expensive than others.

diagram showing layers that build a high barrier pouch

Choose high barrier bags for especially delicate, perishable products.

Is it true, for example, that using mylar saves you money? Or will kraft paper suffice and can be the bare minimum for your product's protection? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when selecting the appropriate material.

Our free consultation will get you started on the right foot if you need a sounding board for your concerns.

Using Plate Printing

Although digital printing is popular, plate printing typically saves you more money with the right quantities. Plate printing transfers your design onto the bag using a thin aluminum plate. We can finish print jobs using four plates for less money if you need fewer printed colors.

image showing rollers of Heidelberg machine for offset printing

CMYK printing gives you great price breaks with higher quantities.

Other areas (apart from printing processes) affect production costs. Learn about the other factors that contribute to higher pricing and where you can cut down costs before you commit to a press run. 

Using Cost-Effective Artwork

We've already established that appropriate colors and design promote impulse buys; it follows that a well-designed packaging pouch could certainly improve your sales.

However, this also doesn't mean you have to load your pouches with edge-to-edge graphics to entice customers. Shoppers can be drawn in by a simple but well-thought-out design. Working with a designer specializing in packaging design can help you save money by focusing on what matters most to your brand.

If you don't have a design but have your branding elements (logo, brand colors, fonts) finalized, our print designers can help you get started

Planning Ahead

In marketing, last-minute rushing is not encouraged unless it is truly unavoidable. To prevent high shipping costs for urgent print jobs to fulfill your pouches, ensure you have ample time and prepare ahead.

When you realize your bag supply is running short, simply message us, and we'll assist you in arranging the best deal for your current needs.

Know the Weight of Your Product

When transporting goods, the size and weight of the product will guide you in selecting the best transportation method for the task. Likewise, when it comes to stand-up packaging, the size and weight of your items are important factors when choosing the type of material needed.

If you're packing heavy objects, you'll want to choose packaging materials that can carry greater weight. If your product is light, the same rule applies—purchase pouches made of material that will keep them intact throughout transportation and reduce spillages.

Decide on the Features You Want on Your Custom Pouches

Add-on functional features such as hang holes, zippers, tear notches, pour spouts, among others, can be added to your packaging pouches at a nominal cost.

Pouch Me zipper and tear notch image

Zippers make pouches reusable and resealable, and tear notches help users open packages with ease.

The best part is that your pouches are still functional even without these features. Pouch Me's packaging tailors and our print service associates can assist you in determining which features are essential to your product type and packaging needs.

Let Your Graphic Designer and Packaging Supplier Work Together

For some reason, some clients are hesitant and anxious about bringing their graphic designer and packaging supplier together. However, bringing these two essential parties together and informing them what you want will ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and efficiently.

To realize the full potential of stand-up pouches and other flexible packaging formats, you'll need to work with a supplier that can create a comprehensive solution that's entirely suited to your product or brand.

With well-designed, custom stand-up pouches, your products will sell faster than those from your competition. Regardless of what you are selling, Pouch Me has a pouch for it, and you can trust us for all your product packaging needs.

-Saving Money on Custom Packaging FAQs-

What material is used for stand-up pouches? What stock are custom pouches typically made of?

We use aluminum foil if a client needs pouches with oxygen and moisture barrier capabilities.

Polymers are the best options when mechanical structural stability, gas and water-vapor barrier, heat seal, adhesion, and economies are required. 

What is pouch packaging?

Pouches are a type of flexible packaging. We manufacture custom product pouches from a combination of aluminum, plastic, and other food-safe materials.

Stand-up bag, plastic pouch, and doy-pack are some standard terms used to describe pouches.

How are stand-up pouches made?

We construct stand-up pouches using several layers of barrier materials that have already been bonded together to form a single continuous sheet.

A stand-up pouch is often made up of two or three layers. The primary three layers are the outside print protection, middle and inner vapor barrier layers.

Can you vacuum seal stand-up pouches?

You can! Some custom pouches can be used with sealers, allowing you to seal your products when you need to. These pouches are also called vacuum pouches. Custom boilable pouches are available for clients that sell food.

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